About the Facilitator:
Peggy Grigor, SSW is a certified therapist with extensive experience in group facilitation.  She offers a holistic approach in a gentle, supportive fashion.  Peggy brings many facets of learning into group, including creative visualization, journalling, fun exercises, mindfulness and gentle movement.
Women Helping and Empowering Women
"If our intention is to change who we essentially are, we will fail.
If our intention is to become who we essentially are,
We cannot help but live true to the deepest longing of our soul."
~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Women today are searching for balance in their lives in all realms: physical, emotional, professional, relational and spiritual.  Through sharing, listening and supporting each other within the framework of a safe & comfortable environment, this group helps you to join with others who are going through similar challenges.  Please join us.

Peggy Grigor, SSW
(250) 416-1411 or send email requesting information on availability
- Ongoing group with a maximum of 10 people
- 1½ hour sessions held weekly
- Professional facilitation and guidance
- $30.00 per session
- Package pricing available
Saltair, Vancouver Island
British Columbia
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