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As a parent...
Are you Confused, Angry, Sad, Frantic, Feeling Guilty about your troubled teen?

Do you struggle with a child with such problems as...

Learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, conduct disorder, eating disorder, depression, mental health disorders or critical events in the past?
Regain Your Lost Authority
Creative Parenting will help you regain your lost authority at home.

This effective group experience offers:

♦ Small groups of 12 or fewer in a safe, caring, confidential  environment.

♦ Meetings led by a trained facilitator and therapist.

♦ The opportunity to learn new skills that will enable you to feel more confident and to respond to your youth?s behaviour more effectively.

♦ The chance to learn how to work more effectively with schools, police, courts and others.
Based on a Successful Program
Creative Parenting is based on "Parents for Youth"*. With over 25 years of experience in dealing with difficult teens, Parents for Youth has studied the problems of families with difficult youth and has concluded that:

♦ Most children resist or refuse treatment because they do not perceive themselves as having a problem, even though many seem
desperately unhappy.

♦ Parents possess the innate knowledge and skills needed to help their children.

♦ With proper guidance, parents can help each other to cope with crises and to develop objectivity about their youth.

♦ As unrealistic hopes and dreams fade, parents begin to feel less responsible for their children?s problem behaviour.

♦ As self-esteem and confidence rise, parents help their children to become more accountable for their own problem behaviours.

Peggy Grigor has trained and worked with Parents for Youth for 13 years in Ontario, and now brings her skills and knowledge to Vancouver Island.

* For more information on PFY, please visit the PFY web site at
Group Format
♦ Closed group environment that is limited to 12 people. Your group consists of the same members each week.

♦ Each member begins with a private Intake Interview to ensure that the group is right for you. It is an opportunity to have all of your questions answered, to ensure that group is right for you, and to offer immediate crisis support and referrals as needed.

♦ Professional group facilitator leads the group to explore and find
strengths and challenges in dealing with your difficult teen.

♦ Crisis support, connecting, education and strategies are offered on an ongoing basis.

♦ Groups run for 90 minutes a week. Confidentiality is strongly stressed. Groups are ongoing with a minimum 6-week commitment.
Please call today for more information or a confidential intake interview.

Intake and Inquiries:
Call (250) 416-1411 or send email
requesting information on fees and availability.
You are not alone!
Influencing rebellious youth is a daunting task for parents, schools, social agencies, police and courts.

Each year, families and social agencies spend $40 million for property loss, stress, legal costs, therapy, lost years of productivity, administration of justices and incarceration costs.*
*Ontario Child Health Study
Creative Parenting can help
Many of these youth, who live destructive, anti-social lifestyles come from caring, committed families. We believe that, with some new skills and professional direction, these parents can learn to change, influence and even reverse some of their children?s bad behaviour.
Other Services Offered By Peggy

♦ Family, individual, couple and teen counseling

♦ Abuse issues (physical, emotional, sexual)

♦ Youth Crisis Counseling (depression, eating disorders, at-risk behaviour)

♦ Creative Healing (combination of counseling and art in a group setting)

♦ WHEW! (Women Helping Empower Women)

♦ Separation and divorce.
Peggy focuses on a holistic approach to problem solving, stress release, and practical coping strategies.

She provides a flexible fee structure with a sliding scale for clients who have financial restrictions.